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Let's face it...learning any instrument on your own can be difficult. Even with such useful resources as YouTube and other "learning" sites, you can absorb some information, but without one on one training from a professional instructor who understands your goals, realizes your strengths and weaknesses, and creates a learning regimem especially to fit your needs, achieving your dream can seem impossible...and can feel like it could take forever!

When trying to learn on your own, you don't have any feedback, guidance, or support...which can lead to bad habits, improper technique, slow results, and ultimately...frustration.

The solution is not trying to learn everything at once. And it's definetly not signing up with an instructor who just gives you a 30 minute "mini concert" to intimidate you...

The solution is someone who explains every detail of every lesson down to the core. Be it technique, theory, application or any other element, the student's understanding of each lesson is priority one. And with 22 years of experience, practice, patience, and desire for others to discover the guitar, Bill Roundtree will help you become the guitarist you dream of being and you can experience all the joy it brings to millions of guitarists!

THE KEY TO FAST RESULTS: Custom Learning Programs

Everyone has their own goal in mind. It could be to strum chords around a campfire with friends, or to play in their church band. Maybe you are a pro looking to sharpen your skills, or a beginner who just wants to play a few of your favorite songs. A practice regimen designed especially for you, along with weekly tuition, will get you where you want to be....

No matter which program...Roundtree records each lesson, in variable tempos, onto a CD for each student to take home so they can listen and learn at their own pace...

Bill Roundtree offers the following programs (you can also have your own program designed specifically)

1. BEGINNER COURSE: This is not only for first time players, but for most who wish to simply play songs for enjoyment and fun. Learn all the basics without having to learn countless chords, scales and theory. Although a few basics are covered, you will be strumming songs in no time.

2. INTERMEDIATE COURSE: For accomplished guitarists who want more. Covered are technique, theory, application and ear well as songwriting/composition skills. Learning songs is required so be prepared to bring your ipod on a weekly basis. You will also be encouraged to join a band/group, ensemble, church band, school jazz band, etc. Sight reading can be covered, but optional.

3. VIRTUOSO TRAINING: This is the gauntlet. Extensive study of technique, theory, and developing unique style. Roundtree does NOT cut any corners in this course...weekly homework is a must. Everything from YouTube research to music production is essential. Students are strongly requested to rehearse in bands as well as play live if possible, and will be assigned recording projects. The art of practice is covered in detail. Many if not most students are required to teach students of their own on a weekly basis. !WARNING!: THIS COURSE WILL CHALLENGE YOU TO THE EXTREME. STUDENTS MUST PRACTICE 4 HOURS MINIMUM PER DAY!!!! If you think you've got what it prepared to bring it! And enjoy the fruits of your labor when everyone wants YOU to be in their band!!! BECOMING A GUITAR HERO IS HARD WORK...BUT IT CAN BE DONE!!!

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