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Bill Roundtree
is a professional guitarist, full time musician, touring and recording artist, producer, and overall, a professional guitar instructor with 22 years of teaching experience who has trained not only the beginning hobbyist, but many pro musicians, major label recording artists, and even other guitar instructors themselves.

  If you are a brand new beginner learning for the first time or a dedicated seasoned professional, Roundtree will show you step by step how to become the guitarist you've always dreamed of becoming!

Roundtree's unique teaching methods help you advance quickly and effectively, and custom learning programs are designed for each student's specific goals.

 - "Bill does it all!  I appreciate how he breaks down guitar concepts
and techniques so you can see how they are used in the music you enjoy. He customizes lessons to help you quickly achieve your goals. His level of patience is second to none. Follow his advice and you will see progress. He is the instructor to go to if you want to learn to play
your favorite songs, understand how they are written, and write music of your own. Bill knows his stuff and even integrates technology into
lessons. It is clear that he enjoys music and teaching. Contact him
for a consultation and you will see what I mean....
Thanks Bill for all of your guidance!"

-Gerald W.

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Bill Roundtree teaches all ages, all styles, all skill levels.

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The best way to learn is to take the frustration out of the equation. Everyone has different goals, and with the correct training, along with a customized practice regimen designed especially for each student, accomplishing those goals comes much more quickly. It doesn't matter what genre you prefer...from rock to country, bluegrass to blues, polka to power metal...Bill Roundtree is fluent in all styles with a wide musical vocabulary ready to give you a wealth of information. He has dedicated his life to the guitar and helping others discover their passion for music.

And performing as supporting act for legends such as Airforce (ex drummer of Iron Maiden) ZZ Top, David Lee Roth (Van Halen) Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Smashmouth, Quiet Riot, and countless others, Roundtree's years of experience as a stage performer and recording artist can benefit those who dream to do the same.

Bill Roundtree has released his debut solo album "Opus Inevitus" which has gained international attention.
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Don't have countless hours to practice? Not a problem. Roundtree's experienced and unique teaching technique is designed to get you maximum results in less time.

Each student's dedication to following their practice program and effort is crucial....but will be rewarded with finding their inner passion, discovering their own hidden talent, and growing into a guitar master. Achieveing musical happiness is only just the beginning of your journey!

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