Say "Hello" to Dreamland...


Welcome to the brand new Studio One. YOUR studio!

    Bill Roundtree uses state of the art technology as an essential resource for his unique teaching methods. Students can bring in their favorite songs to learn (on CD or ipod). Lessons are recorded to CD (and/or transferred to USB drive) for each student to use as reference. And all students, whenever they wish, can bring their creative ideas to matter the skill matter what share with family, friends, and the world. The possibilities are limitless.
    And now...Studio One is better than ever. Featuring a newly built and dedicated teaching facility, as well as brand new pro gear, all students have the means necessary to learn, compose, and perform...more efficiently than ever!

    "...after I signed up for lessons I expected to meet with my new teacher and hopefully learn some of the basics within a few months. I didn't expect the fun I would have in this studio! I learned how to not only play guitar but I learned how to write and record my own songs I have had in my head for so many years ... and now it all makes sense. Within 4 months of just starting guitar I have written and recorded my first single!!! There is no better gift you can give yourself as an aspiring musician, no matter what level, than to visit Studio One. I am experiencing the time of my life!!!..."
    -Julie M

  • Apple MacIntosh running Mavericks OSX

  • Focusrite Scarlett 28i20 Interface (recording at 96K resolution)

  • M-Audio Keystation 61es MIDI Keyboard Controller

  • Rode NT-1 LDC Microphone

  • Yamaha HS-50m First Generation Studio Reference Monitors

  • Furman Premium power conditioning

  • KRK 8400 Professional Reference Headphones

     Acoustic treatment by ATS Acoustics


  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation):Reaper ver. 4 (64 bit)

  • Amplitube 3 Guitar Amplifier Plug-In with over 120 amps and effects

  • Steven Slate Drum software plug-ins for recording drum tracks with extensive MIDI libraries with drum performances by Magnus Brandell, Tomas Haake and others

  • Slate Digital plugin suite

    Guitar Pro 6:
    All lessons are printed in notation and tablature, and recorded in various tempos to USB drive or CD.


©2015 Bill Roundtree