"...I started playing about five years ago, self taught until I seemed to hit a wall and not know what to do. I decided to give lessons a chance, looked around at different profiles until I came across Bill Roundtree. This guy is by far better than the rest and teaches in the best approach for each individual. My skill has improved tremendously within the last year and continues to grow every week. Thanks for all your help, Bill!"
-Dave Rasmussen

"...After 20 years of drums and percussion, I made the switch to guitar. this happened about three years ago. Instead of selecting a music shop closest to me, I searched the Omaha area for the guitar teacher that best fit my needs. Bill's resume was my first choice because of his mix of teaching, recording and live gigging. In addition, his background with 70's - 80's "shredder" guitar playing really fit what I was looking for. Being satisfied with those attributes I began lessons. Bill has followed through on all of my aforementioned expectations. What has exceeded my expectations and thoroughly impressed me is his breadth of musical knowledge. It truly is amazing. I have discovered that Mr. Roundtree has true passion and expertise for musical theory and history. He does a superb job of properly integrating theory and history into lesson plans to help you truly understand the hows and whys of music. In addition, his ability to play and teach any kind of music from country to metal to classical to Christmas tunes is nothing short of amazing. In summary, Bill has the musical breadth and depth to fulfill any of your guitar needs. Thank you Bill!"
-Frank Forlini

I have been with Bill for almost four years now. I came to him as an absolute novice that barely knew how to play 3 chords. Now I am able to crunch out challenging rhythms and solos. He continuosly pushes me to better myself while still remaining patient and helpful every step of the way. He is also very personable and truly cares about his pupils and their success. I have grown tremendously as a musician because of Bill's ability as an instructor.
-James Branstetter

“...Roundtree is the man. He’ll give you the tools you need to know how to play the instrument. Not just a bunch of useless bookwork and wasted time."
-Dane B. (lead guitarist, Doc Throttle)


Any student that refers a friend or family member will receive a free lesson (hour or half hour session)



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