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Please read thoroughly:

1. Tuition price is $20 per half hour and is purchased for the month in advance. This depends on the number of weeks that occur in each month. (4 weeks = $80, 5 weeks = $100).
Tuition purchase is always due on the first week of each month. Payment may be made via credit, cash or check at the studio.

2. A late fee of $15 will be charged for any tuition that is not paid for before the 15th of the tuition month. You may either stop in the studio anytime before then with payment or mail payment.

3. Tuition must be paid regardless of student absence. When purchasing a time slot, you are
required to fufill payment given the number of weeks in each month. Makeup lessons are offered
given available scheduling. If full payment for each week of the month is not received, you will
forfeit your time and lessons will be terminated.

4. MAKEUP LESSONS CANNOT BE GUARANTEED. When tuition is paid, you invest in a set time each week that is reserved for you that works around your schedule. Your instructor looks forward to this time and usually pre-plans your lesson and weekly practice regimen before they see you. if you are unable to attend, you can notify a friend or family member that may be interested in taking a lesson to make good use of the purchased tuition time. The instructor, in turn, can also give them lesson material for you to work on for the missed lesson. The only exception will be cancellations due to inclement weather. When winter weather becomes severe, contact the instructor and they will make another arrangement.

5. If the instructor is unable to attend a lesson due to illness or otherwise he will notify you via call, text or email. You will be credited for that lesson in the following month.

6. There will be no classes held during holiday store closings.

7. TUITION TERMINATION: If you need to cancel your tuition, written notice within one week of your last lesson is required. Notification may be sent via email.

8. When cancelling a class, notification in advance is required. You may do this via email or text.

9. IMPORTANT: NON-PAYMENT IS NON-ACCEPTABLE. If payment is not made by the fourth week of the month...the student automatically forfeits the tuition time, and will be removed from the schedule. Your time slot will then become available to any student who wishes to purchase that time.

The student who forfeits their time by failure to make payment will then be billed for classes previously attended, including the $15 late fee. There are no exceptions.

REFERRALS: I f you refer a friend and they enroll in tuition, you will receive 1 free lesson.

TESTIMONIALS: If you submit a testimonial for the website, you will receive 1 lesson half price ($9).


Bill Roundtree has dedicated his life for the past 20 years to offer the highest quality instruction available. His mission is to aid you in becoming the musician you always wanted to be. However it doesn't stop there. Learning an instrument is a dedicated journey, and he is dedicated to getting you fast results. However, acheiving results is a "two-way street". And practice is mandatory. He will not only teach you the instrument, he will teach you how to practice to be able to accomplish your goals in less time. Some added benefits that Bill Roundtree offers are:

1. CUSTOM LEARNING PROGRAMS. Material, practice regimen, and strategy are all designed especially for you. Wiether you have a busy school/work schedule, or just need an efficient practice plan, he will design one that fits your needs, so you can get the most out of practice.

2. CDs AND BACKING TRACKS. Each individual lesson is written, demonstrated, discussed in the fullest detail, and recorded in various tempos. It is then recorded to CD for you to take home, so you can use it for reference. Custom backing tracks are also recorded for you to practice with, maximizing results. If desired, students can substitute CDs by bringing a thumb drive (flash drive).

3. RECORDING PROJECTS. There are many benefits of recording projects. Recording assignments provide effective motivation for weekly practice. Also, when recording over a period of time, you can hear your progress. Roundtee will assign a monthly recording project to any student interested. The student learns from each project, and has alot of fun in the process!

4. SONGWRITING AND COMPOSITION LESSONS. When any student has a creative idea, they will be encouraged to embellish it. Bill Roundtree will teach how to compose, write and record your own material. Resources provided in the studio can make your idea into a complete, professional, published production which will be given to you to share with others. Some students have written, recorded, and pressed their own professional retail-ready CDs directly from this studio.

5. BILL ROUNDTREE TAKES HIS WORK HOME WITH HIM. Your lesson time is typically 30 or 60 minutes a week. But your learning time has no limit. If you have any questions about your material, you can contact him via email, text or call, and he will do everything he can, as soon as he can, to help you understand your material. This is priority one! He also spends much of his time at home mixing and producing each student's recording projects and designing custom learning programs.

6. INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDING. Many students have taken an interest in computer recording, mixing and production. Roundtree offers any students interested instruction on how to use Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS), how to make professional recordings at home, and how to promote their original music online.

All at no extra cost.

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